Monday, June 08, 2009

I'm back!

After a good 6 months' break away from my blog, I'm finally back! Yah, I know my blog looks abandoned, actually I almost forgot my login password. Haha..

Not that I've disappeared to anywhere for the last 6 months. I'm still well & good, and, still on the same job, doing the same things such as washing the testtubes & "making bombs" occasionally. Bleah, boring stuff so not much to update.

Hope 'll have interesting stuff to update soon. Oh well, probably in a month's time after my Paris-Prague trip! :)

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

What word will you use to describe Year 2008?

This morning I was listening to YES 933 & the DJ, Cruz Teng, happened to be on this topic. "So what is that one chinese character you'll use to describe year 2008?"

Well, I'll used one English word to describe this year and it shall be 'Unfortunate'.

On a personal level, at work, we have been lacking alot in luck (maybe) or probably due to the inappropriate approaches, our projects were terminated one after another. My morale did sink to rock-bottom of the sea which really made me want to quit my job & to further studies as I doubt that I can see my future if I continue staying here.

However, this was followed by an economic recession, which first hit US and subsequently, other parts of the world are affected too. What worsened it further was increase in oil price, inflation, etc. So how could I leave my job then? Everyone was holding on tightly to their job as if it's a life buoy.

More recent unfortunate events include the political unrest in Bangkok (hope it'll be alright soon if not just keep to BKK as I'll be going Phuket soon. *Pray*) and the terrorist attack in Mumbai, which had taken the life of an innocent Singaporean. Sigh...

Let's just hope that the remaining of the year will be a fortunate & peaceful one.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I was a little, or in fact more than a little, irritated by someone today.

I was looking for a bottle of chemical for my reaction but couldn't find it at its usual location. After looking around for it in the lab, I finally found the bottle with him. Then he asked for a favour from me, which I thought was to return the bottle of chemical to the original location. To my surprise, asked me to check the stock for that chemical & if the stock is low, he said WE should order it. I guess it's more like saying I SHOULD order it bah.

It's not that I mind ordering the chemical which everyone elses in the lab use as well. But the fact is, he always think that he's the most senior RA in the lab, & starts to order people around. But, when it comes to things associated to our big boss, he'll fight to do them so that he can claim credit for it. So why can't he check the stock of this chemical? Previously, he had even asked me to consolidate a name list for him. I'm not his PA, for godness sake. So all I did was to ask him to do it on his own. I'm not so stupid to do for him! *Idiot*

For small things like ordering stuff, big boss don't get to know, so he can't claim any credit. Of course he won't do it. What a selfish person. *IDIOT*

Friday, November 07, 2008

A Wish for a friend

It's another relapse again. Really hate to see her sinking into such state again. It just pains to see her red eyes & watery nose. Worst of all, I dunno what I can do to help her except to console her.

Hope that she'll be alrite soon.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Teambuilding to Batam, AGAIN!

This is the 3rd time that my co holds its teambuilding at Turi Beach Resort, Batam, but it's the 2nd time I'm attending. This time round, the resort looks really different from the previous time I went, which was in 2005. It is now so much nicer with the newer & more westernised rooms. Besides the rooms, what I like most is their swimming pool. Hee hee...

Unlike in previous years, the teambuilding activities we had this time was kept to a minimum. Previously we did hiking, abseiling and paintball which some found it too tiring. So this time it was just rafting building and sailing. Actually at the end of the activity, I still dunno the names of some of my teammates. We had lots of free & easy time, which makes this teambuilding a really relaxing one. The gals & I even signed up for massage. Good for a relax, but not the best I had so far. week gonna be another short week, with Hari Raya Puasa falling on Wednesday. Hee hee.... :)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Big, Fat Ankle...

Less than a week after my diving trip, I'm on 3 days MC starting from today.'ll be a long long weekend for me. Woohoo!! Actually besides having this opportunity to slack at home, I guess there's nothing much for me to rejoice over as I have a badly swollen ankle & 2 swollen toes now. And they really hurt with every step I take. Sigh...

Anyway, I think it all happened due to a very silly reason. I wore the diving fins until it cuts into my skin & now infection!!! Haha.... Or I guess I was too negligent to have ignored the initial minor wounds until my my ankle started to swell & ache.

But anyway, I shall just enjoy my long weekend before next week's teambuilding at Batam. Well, which means another long weekend then. Hee hee

Sunday, September 14, 2008

My Virgin Dive Trip!

After dilly-dally-ing for so long, at last I've completed my open water course & I'm now a certified diver. Yeah~~

But this license definitely didn't come easy for me. I've drank lots of chlorinated water at the swimming pool, seawater in the sea, etc. But it was definitely an adventure worth sharing. Hee hee...

Prior to my open water trip to Pulau Tioman, I've attended 2 pool lessons earlier this week in order to master the basic skills required during the open water dive. Oh well, all I could say is I TOTALLY SUCK AT CLEARING A FULL MASK! This explains why I drank so much pool water. I was so used to breathing in & out through my nose that when I had to breathe in through my mouth & out through my nose in order to clear my mask I still kept doing everything through my mouth. Even the instructor, Rory, almost gave uphope on me. :'( But finally, after many attempts & after filling my stomach with plenty of chlorinated water, I succeeded. Next was to hope that I could do the same in the open water. Prayed hard.

We set off for Pulau Tioman, Malaysia, on Friday night after work. We were ferried from the dive school to Mersing Ferry Terminal in a van before taking the ferry to Pulau Tioman. In between was some hu-ha, with the van driver demanding for extra $$ for the trip & refusing to drive us to our destination when no extra $$ was given. :S

Luckily, we still managed to reach Tioman as scheduled. It was around 5am then. We just collapsed onto our bed as we have to get up at 7.30am for our dives. Just barely 2.5hrs to sleep. *Yawn*

1st dive was cold & scary. So I kept clinging on to my human life buoy. Haha... Just as I thought that things got better for the subsequent dives, I lost my dive buddy cum human life buoy during my 3rd dive as I let go of him & unknowingly, I floated up to the surface of the water. Not so scary for me as I could see civilisation on the water surface - pretty near to shore then & there were boats passing me a few times (though they ignored me when I waved for help). But poor buddy was panicking in the water then cos he thought he has lost me for good. *Phew* We soon reunited on the water surface.

Managed to clock 5 dives in total. Hee hee... So happy to have passed! Not only that, we managed to see alot of sea creatures like turtles, nemo, cuttlefish, angel fish & many others! :)

Really want to thank Tan, our dive instructor & of course, Rory as well, for the pool lessons & for making fun about me during the trip. Haha...

Now waiting for my license to arrive & I can then start on my dive journey!

Here's a peek at the turtle: